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Rear Mirror


Reconnecting with You

If you're here, you may feel you've lost your connection with who you used to be. Traumatic relationships, memories or experiences have shaped you into the person you see in the mirror today, but you know it isn't the best you.


The therapies we use are intended to reduce the negative impact of these life experiences, while helping you heal and choose with intention who it is you want to be. We'll provide you new coping skills to manage overwhelming thoughts, sensations and emotions. Our clients have thrived on this combination of building new skills while healing their past. They actively participate in getting to know themselves and all their "parts" that make up who they are. Understanding how your past is impacting you currently, as well as parts of you that may conflict with other parts, can bring a deeper understanding to your present-day struggles and contradicting thoughts & feelings.

Each session we'll check in on what has happened since your last session, we'll bring "agenda items" based on the last time we met and you bring your priorities for the day. We'll focus on processing past traumas and helping you heal from your past to create the future you want. 


Ariel is certified in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy, as well as various Cognitive Behavioral Therapies,  Martha is trained in various Cognitive Behavioral Therapies, Gottman Method approaches and EMDR, Morgan has experience in chronic pain,  grief and is trained in EMDR, and Rachel is trained in EMDR and has a passion for treating trauma. In our first few sessions, you and your therapist will talk about how these therapies can help you reduce worry, fear & perfectionism, and improve your mood, relationships and boundary-setting.

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*Please note, we do not write Emotional Support Animal (ESA) letters for new or current clients.


If I could let you in on some secrets you will eventually uncover in therapy, these are some of the most common gems...

  • Most people think they are "not good enough" (mother, father, friend, daughter, son, person, fill-in-the-blank) while all others are "good enough." It's just not possible, who then are the good enough people?

  • People simultaneously believe others are seeing their flaws and judging them as they are judging themselves. Guess what, they're too focused on their own not-good-enoughness to even notice your flaws. Or their not-good-enoughness is feeding into what you perceive are your flaws.

  • We believe that simply because time has passed, we can use our thinking brain to tell ourselves to "get over" something and in doing so, we will. Unfortunately, your thinking brain and trauma brain are not on speaking terms.

  • There are times in people's lives where, rather than deal with the relationships and stress in their lives, they have the urge to move to Alaska and live alone in a log cabin (for real, do you know how many times we've heard this?)

  • You need sleep. Seems obvious we know, but you need good, quality, consistent sleep. We have yet to meet a human being who is mentally and emotionally at their best, who is also having problems falling or staying asleep or not sleeping enough. If you think you are that human being, please reach out, because we think you're an anomaly and we want to meet you.

  • Lastly, you also need structure and routine. This is another NEED we have as humans - it gives us consistency, it gives us meaning and we haven't met the human yet that can go without.

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